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Village Model

Learn more about what a Village is and how
to join or start one in your community.

What is a Village? Villages:

  • Are membership-driven, grassroots, nonprofit organizations
  • Are run by volunteers and paid staff
  • Coordinate access to affordable services
  • Provide volunteer services including transportation, inspiring health and wellness programs, home repairs, social and educational activities
  • Offer access to vetted & discounted service providers
  • Are based on the needs of your community
  • Are one-stop-shopping. Villages do anything their members need to age safely and successfully in their own homes
  • Positively impact isolation, interdependence, health and purpose of their individual members to reduce overall cost of care 

Join a Village:

If you want to join a Village, find one near you using the Village Map.
Then visit that Village's website for signup details.

How do I Start a Village? Here are some tips to getting started:

  1. Set up a working group of a few friends and neighbors who want to stay in their own homes and want to explore the possibilities.
  2. Get your working group informed about Villages, how they work and what they do by going to the Find a Village tab on our website and using the Village map to look at a variety of Village websites.
  3. Invest in a one-year Opportunity Membership with VtV Network. The $150 fee gives you access to the Document Library, discussion Forum, Webinars, Toolkits and other resources. We recommend you start working through the Village 101 Toolkit as soon as you can.
  4. Sign up for the VtV Network mentor program to get an experienced Village organizer assigned to advise your planning and development process – another service included in the Opportunity Membership fee.
  5. Contact the VtV Network office to find out if there is a regional Village organization in your area. If so, join this group to establish relationships with your local Villages, get acquainted with peers and access their support and advice.
  6. Find out if your local Area Agency on Aging, Human Services Department or equivalent organizations, have policies or programs to encourage Village development.


To view the full Village 101 Toolkit and learn how to start a Village from the ground up, please consider joining Village to Village Network.
Click Here to see our membership tiers.