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Village Model

Learn more about what a Village is and how
to join or start one in your community.

What is a Village? Villages:

  • Are membership-driven, grassroots, nonprofit organizations
  • Are run by volunteers and paid staff
  • Coordinate access to affordable services
  • Provide volunteer services including transportation, inspiring health and wellness programs, home repairs, social and educational activities
  • Offer access to vetted & discounted service providers
  • Are based on the needs of your community
  • Are one-stop-shopping. Villages do anything their members need to age safely and successfully in their own homes
  • Positively impact isolation, interdependence, health and purpose of their individual members to reduce overall cost of care 

Join a Village:

If you want to join a Village, find one near you using the Village Map.
Then visit that Village's website for signup details.

How do I Start a Village? Here are five tips to getting started:

  1. Get together a group of people passionate about staying in their own homes and the Village concept: make sure they have expertise and time to share and that you will like working with them.
    • Ask your talented friends if they are interested, hold community meetings to find passionate people, and gain volunteers for the steering committee and other committees.
  2. Look at Villages across the country using the Village Map. Look at their websites to see what they provide. Find Villages in similar regions with similar demographics to see how to structure your own Village.
  3. Assess your community: conduct survey and focus groups.
    • Research the demographic of your area, gather reports or studies on aging or livable communities, determine the resources in your community, talk with all your social service and local government agencies to educate them of your Village concept, etc.
  4. Meet with the already existing agencies and get feedback on the idea and how to work together.
  5. Hold community meetings to engage other interested people to develop the Village. Identify the geographic area: Whole city, one or more towns or one or more neighborhoods. Answer the questions: Is a Village in your area feasible? Do you and your neighbors want it?


To view the full Village 101 Toolkit and learn how to start a Village from the ground up, please consider joining Village to Village Network.
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